Welcome to the No Way site

There has been a lot of talk over the years about a No Way web site. After much deliberation it is finally here. The site contains a biography of how we got started, a few tales along the way, name dropping etc all the good things about a band.

In the photo section there are quite a lot, so you can take your time looking through, if you have the patience, from the first gig at The Welly, Impasse Charity gig 4th October 1978 to the last gig at Bugsy's 5Oth birthday bash at the Swan, Billingham (2007) In this section there are photos of the band, roadies, mates and people who followed No Way around the area.

As we are all now aware it was and still is a sad time with the loss of Matey, not only for the band and friends but more so for Gill and Lloyd. This site will hopefully bring a smile, a chuckle and a lot of fond memories and it is also a celebration of Matey's time with the band he loved, No Way.

On December 12th 2007 the Evening Gazette did an article on Matey paying tribute to him.

The sound section will contain No Way songs and we are trying to cobble together some video footage from various gigs.

In July 2007 at Paul and Kaths 25th wedding anniversary, it was the first time in 25 years that Paul Garder, Pete Collins, Matey and myself got together.