We recently received an email from Mad Butcher Records, a record company in Germany. They are doing selected reissues of old punk stuff and want to to do a limited edition of the No Way EP with Breaking Point, TV Pox & 30 Seconds. It is going to press soon, about 500 and will be available in May 2021.

Mad Butcher Records





Its finally here, No Way's 5 track CD Thunderstealer. Tracks: Destiny, Jeopardy, Thunderstealer, Senile Delinquents & Crazy Carol Carter. This is now available on digital download, iTunes and Spotify. The CD'S will are available for £5, we can also post out the CD within the UK for £1. A massive massive monster thanks to Steve Hoggart for all the work he has put on, really appreciated from all in the band. On the CD we give you the old and the new as the progression continues.







December 2016. No Ways single Breaking Point appears on Action Time Vision by Cherry Red Records with bands such as The Dammed, The Skids, Adam & the Ants, 999, The Lurkers and a host more. This can be bought via Cherry Red Records






22nd September 2015 : Informed today that No Way's vinyl album "No Way live at the Beeb" is going to press.The album will be released on 20th October 2015. It will be sold mainly from the label, Rave Up Records.
Copies usually turn up shortly after release on Discogs. You can see it featured on the website RaveuprecordsIt was recorded at BBC Tees in 1979 when it was located above Tower House (now McDonalds in the town centre)